Wrong Name in Bookings Email Confirmation

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My teammates we've been working on offering software training for our clients. We want them to fill out a form, and then they can select the booking. We've noticed that bookings will sometimes wipe out the entire email list for a specific training day. Makes it hard for us to keep track of how many participants are there and I'm not sure if the client has been removed from the training day - I don't think it has because we would have received complaints from clients about a cancelled training day and the booking remains visible in my outlook calendar. I also noticed that booking has another error. One client signed up and now every time a booking email confirmation comes to my email, the header will read the client's name that he booked it but when I look in the email it reads another person's name. Meaning the booking email subject is incorrect and the actual person who signs up is in the body of the email. I wish there was a chat agent to speak about this because I can't seem to figure it out and may need to switch from bookings and forms altogether. 

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