Wrong date in all created appointments

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When in Calendar view, if I click on an already created appointment to edit it, the start and end date of the appointment is always August 31, even if the appointment is set on a different date.
This behavior started today, and it's happening in different browsers and operating systems.
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@metalmarco I created a new Bookings calendar today and am seeing this same behavior. 

@David Gunnells what's the best way to let Microsoft notice about this bug?

@metalmarco probably have your O365 admin open a ticket with MS

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@ldsimmons1 Microsoft is not acknowledging this as support-worthy issue, because it's a problem affecting all the Bookings installations (including the one Microsoft support verified the problem into).

This is the definition of a BUG which Microsoft it's not taking action to.

It looks likes that, as of today, the bug has been fixed by the developers.

@metalmarco it's still broken here. When I look at the Service details, it shows [today]'s date with the correct time slot for any session block that I click on from the Bookings calendar.