Will customers get my Bookings invite after I turn the checkbox on?

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Quite frustrated with MS Bookings, which up until a few minutes ago I was satisfied with.


We've had about 15-20 customers use a MS Bookings link to set up time with a support team, with the first meeting being just a few minutes ago. Our internal support team joined, but the customer (the one who picked & booked the time in question) did not receive a meeting invite. We were not aware of this until just recently.


After some googling, I found out there's a checkbox for "Send a meeting invite to the customer" that by default is off. FIRST OFF - why is this off by default??? Does this not completely undermine the whole purpose of letting the customer pick a time?? They don't even get an invite to a meeting time that they themselves picked? What a completely braindead, asinine design decision by MS. Unbelievable.


Vent over on MS' shortcomings. Now that I've turned the checkbox on, will the customers who have previously selected a time receive their meeting invite? Or will this only apply to future customers who select a time? 


Any insight is great appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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Invites will only be sent to customers who sign up for the service after the setting is enabled.

If you wish to invite your previous customers quickly, what you could do is invite them from your Booking Calendar or from your Outlook Calendar. You can also find the Booking email on your end and create a Meeting on Outlook and invite users that way.