Where to view the customer details optional notes?

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In the booking page there is an area for the customer to enter their details, with a text are for some optional notes, "Please let us know if you have any special requests.".


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Where can staff see these notes? I've tested it and I cannot see the notes in the Calendar, nor in the e-mail sent to the staff member.


Any ideas?

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The notes get saved in the candler booking appointment after internal notes which says '-----Note added by customer on Thursday, 14 May 2020 1:53 PM-----'. 


Hope that helps.

Ahh, I see. I did a little more testing, and the customer notes do not show if the appointment is a group booking :sad:

@redink We're trying to use this for a help desk counter on a university campus.  We've allowed up to 4 appointments for the same time slot.  But, as you said, when the student enters the information about why they need to make an appointment, that data is lost.  When you open the appointment in outlook and look at each user, the data is gone.  Not very useful.

@AMcCain, you're right. Not very useful at all. We're using this for Teams-based webinars with external customers and everything is a group booking.

If it works it'd be great, but since it doesn't work, it should either be disabled or (better still) removed automatically when the group booking is configured.

@redink to extent on this... It's not possible to change a "groep service" meaning more than >1 attendees to a single service max "1 attendee".  You have to create a new service, max attendees 1 and you will be able to see details, optional notes and filled in custom field data (if you use custom fields).


If you have a multi customer booking, then you would need to view the information for each customer, as this information would be unique to each customer. You can open the booking details view as usual (by clicking on calendar item) , which will bring you to below detailed view: (attached 1).



Here click on the customer for which you wish to view the details. (see 2)




If required, you can make changes here and 'Update' or you can 'Discard' and go back to first view where list of customers is shown.

@sagark92 My notes only show up as a preview when I click on the calendar entry and they only show the first few words. When I double-click to open the full calendar entry, "customer notes" is blank. There is still no way for me to see the customer notes beyond the first few words, 15 months after the first post and right after a big update by MS. 

@redink - I still don't see any way to view the "special requests" for group services -- either in the calendar or in the customer information. This area should be removed from the appointment request form until there is a way to view the information the customer has entered.

I am only replying to "redink" because they shared the group vs. individual booking information, and I wanted to capture this other issue.

This information helped me to find a workaround that is far from ideal. My appointments were set to group, so I deleted and recreated them all (another annoying issue, that you cannot just change them) as 1-person appointments. Now notes do show up in the calendar entry inside Bookings.

However, I still have to log in to Bookings for every single appointment to see if they added notes (which most do not) because there is no indication one way or the other. I have to do this for non-admin staff appointments as well since they cannot access this information using the Edit button. This is a significant waste of my valuable time.

It seems obvious that accommodation notes should be included in the emails and Outlook calendar entry for the assigned employees. They are the ones who will face the attendee. In our setting, they are in busy branch locations and moving rapidly between meetings, so having to contact their manager for something customer facing and critical (such a request for accommodation) is far from idea. This critical information should be very easy for assigned staff to find on their own.
Glad to see I'm not the only person hitting my head on the desk trying to figure out why this hasn't been clean up already? I guess I will open a trouble ticket and see what support can do.
I am trying to use bookings as a tool where an executive can book an appointment for an employee. I used the notes to enter the name of this employee. So I need the note to be seen at the appointment of the executive and in my bookings calender. Both does not work.
Is there another way to share an information that is set while booking an appointment with the customer and with me?

Its unfortunate that there's no way to hide the field if it doesn't work for Group Bookings.
Microsoft, is this being investigated?

@ShivaUoM92 and @redink 


I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry. After researching, I didn't find any resolutions, workarounds, or timelines on the MS roadmap.


However, @redink has a great idea; others could benefit from this functionality. I encourage all of you to add your specific requirements to Microsoft's Bookings feedback portal. This way, others can vote on it, and most importantly, Microsoft can add this feature in the next update - being optimistic :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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