When booking from Calendar page the service time doesn't populate

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When I book from a service page it correctly populates the calendar for the duration of the service.  But when I book from the calendar page, even after changing the service it stays at 30 minutes (or stays at the time of the first service in the list).  I have over 100 service offerings and remembering how long each one takes is impossible for the booking staff.  

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Hi @Matt_Johnson1895, can you share more details about the issue? 

1. Are you referring to Booking Page or Booking WebApp? Booking Page is that which is visible to customers for booking appointments. Booking WebApp is the one where administrators of Bookings Calendar/Mailbox can edit settings, book appointments. 

2. If it's Bookings WebApp are you on old experience or new experience? 

3. What do you mean by calendar page and service page? 

4. Is it possible to share gif/video recording to better understand the issue and provide the workaround/solution?