'When an appointment is updated' Automate trigger ID different than 'When an appointment is created'

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Have tested this a few times now for sanity sake. 


I am writing entries to a SharePoint list using the MS Booking 'ID' field as primary key via Power Automate. When using the 'when an appointment is updated' trigger to update items in the list per changes to the appointment in Bookings, it is impossible to match the item being updated to the entry in SharePoint because the IDs do not match - 'when an appointment is updated' generates a new ID with every call. SelfServiceAppointmentId does not have this problem but we do not use the self service booking option and cannot due to our workflow requirements. Is this by design? Shouldn't there be a persistent ID associated with the bookings made in calendar/backend?


Please help!

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I'm having the same issue. I trying to automate a list in sharepoint, and I need the Booking ID, no the unique ID of this transaction showing now with the current conector.


I have the same problem. it's missing a unique mapping to allow me to update or delete the sharepoint item.