Various issues in Bookings currently

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We currently see several issues, it seems Bookings is not very stable at the moment...


1) Buffer times are not respected currently. In our case, the appointment is 20 min plus 10 min buffer time. The calendar for the users shows e.g. 1:00, 1:30 etc.

Now when 1:00 is booked, the calendar is shown to users with 1:20, 1:50... and the bookings are accordingly. This is a big mess. Probably related to


2) In Germany we use time format like 13:00 instead of 1:00 (p.m.). Since a few days the calendar for the users shows 1:00 instead of 13:00


3) In admin center of bookings, when double clicking an appointment, the customer info looks messed up. Also we have reports, that customer fields (with values in them) are exported as "null" in TSV.


Please fix... :)




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same problems... please fix it
also adding my vote here, company wants to start using bookings. but not in this state
About the broken TSV-Export (still not fixed today):
Only custom dropdown field values are exported as "null" - it works with text fields.
So the current workaround is to change the questions to text fields and add a little explanation to the text for the users (" ... if you are interested please enter 'yes'...")
All other problems as mentioned above also still present. Microsoft ticket ongoing, but no answer yet...
@Bernhard Straub, can you please confirm if you are continuing to see these issues for newly booked appointments as well?

For #2, the booking page should follow conventions for the the configured region/language. Can you please go to Booking page -> Region and time zone settings and confirm if the locale is set to German/Germany?



#2 regarding the 24hr format got fixed, at least yesterday it was working as expected.

Thanks for the confirmation @markus82.

For the missing field values in the TSV, can you please confirm if this is happening only for dropdown fields?

We are having the issue where students are filling out a few questions where they pick Yes/No from a drop down menu as they are booking their interview spots. Upon exporting the data, only some of the answers come up as "Null", but others display as Yes/No as expected. When checked on the calendar itself, the student's answer displays correctly as either Yes or No. 1.png

 Please help - thank you.

Your screenshot show exactly the issue we are having since mid-august.
The note section is often used by assistant while making an appointment , and usually it would be shown where customer info is appearing in your screenshot.
Now, the customer info in shown in plain text with weird formatting, and the hyperlink to the teams meeting is shown in plain text.
It is not what we are expecting since the notes are used by assistant when Bookings for representative people.
Experiencing several major issues with Bookings. Automatic cancellations, unavailable times in the self-scheduler that should be available, the body of invites containing different information, and more. Ticket is open with Microsoft where they state they have identified this global issue. No update on ETA.

@ThomasSchwoerer can you provide the Microsoft Ticket where they have identified the issue?

@pablom08 #2309050040012522. They stated this on 9/8. Have not been able to get much more information from them yet.

Microsoft has stated to me the code change that caused the issue has been reverted. Should start to see issues resolved on new appointments, existing ones may still have issues.
I also noticed the buffer times -issue.
In a test today, I found that the buffer times are now being respected as expected. How about in your system?

Sorry, nothing to add regarding your issues related to time format or .tsv files.

@Bernhard StraubHas this issue been resolved? I'm currently experiencing the same problem.

Yes, the issue is resolved (haven't heard about any new issues from the users)