Using the CC option when booking an appointment from within Teams

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I was wondering if anyone knows if there was an option to BC an appointment when booking through the Teams app. Microsoft currently has the option to CC, but this shows the e-mail addresses to all the people in the booking. 

For example: Making an appointment for a patient with the Provider and Interpreter. Currently we have to copy the link to the appointment from bookings, then using an in office e-mail send it to the Interpreter. It would be nice if this could be done using BC instead of CC because we need to follow HIPAA regulations. 

Thanks in advance for any feedback.



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@Karisa19 Did this ever get answered for you?  I am looking at doing this but it is limited.  My thought is to add a rule within Exchange Transport so when that email comes in, it will forward it to the appropriate staff.  Otherwise it is a manual effort.   


@Frank76 Unfortunately I have not. The only thing we ended up doing is building a new way for sending out e-mails to our patients/clients. Which pulls the info out our system and auto sends without us having to enter into bookings manually.  Then this allows us to forward them on without sharing anyone's information but is manual. 


@Karisa19 Thats too bad.  I deal with the HIPAA space so I understand your dilemma.  I have thought about also using Calendry but that is another cost to the organization.