Using bookings for events at specific times

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HI, Bookings might not be the right tool for this task but I want to check.


I plan to run small online webinars for colleagues and I'd like to list the events so they can book an event to suit them. I need to limit the number, so a normal meeting invite doesn't work (unless someone has a useful work around for that?) Some events will repeat, so I'd set a few occasions for some.


Is there an easy way to set the time/s as a service, or do I need to set very limited working hours and block out my diary for all but the times I want to hold the event?


Or is there another simple tool I could use? I know I could create free Eventbrite listings but I don't want them to be openly available or put in as much detail as a listing site would need. 


Thank you in advance

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Looks like if you uncheck "use the default scheduling policy" on the setup page of an individual service, you can then adjust the time/date/recurrence of the events. With limiting the number of folks who can schedule, you can pretty much make an event schedule. From what I can tell.