Use existing e-mailaddress for Bookings

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At the moment we have an e-mail address which we are using for booking appointments. With the Microsoft Bookings application we want the connect the e-mail address to a booking system. Is it possible to use the calendar of an existing e-mail address in Microsoft Bookings?

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We assigned the existing e-mailaddress to the user created by Bookings through an alias. However, there is no mailbox created in Exchange. Therefore we cannot add the mailbox to outlook in order to use it for mail. Any ideas on this?



We have a similar situation. We have one Exchange account for an employee (fake name),  and she has three aliases for that account:


She handles all appointments for those three departments. We tried using those aliases in Bookings, but it would not allow it.


So unfortunately, that means if we want to use Bookings, we will have to pay for 3 unnecessary Exchange accounts -- one for each department -- even though only one person would actually be using Bookings. Maybe that's Microsoft's plan all along?



As we found out, the exchange accounts created are not really standard Exchange accounts. You do not have to pay for the Exchange accounts created by Bookings.

We ended up created a bookings application mail account, used by Bookings, next to the regular e-mail accounts. The regular accounts are used for communication (we disabled all confirmation mails send by Bookings).