Use authenticated user email automatically

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How can I make it so that when bookings is limited to users in my organization it automatically uses their email address instead of having an entry field for email? 


I have users who are entering their personal email in the email field which is causing issues with follow up emails, online meeting invites, etc. 


This should happen automatically for logged in users.  

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I would also like to see this feature. Makig staff input their email creates opportunity for mistakes and missed bookings.

@thomasdextergeorgian We really need this as well.  Our clients often mistype their email address so they do not receive the login information for their meetings.  

@JNagiel yes, I don't understand how it was missed as part of the 'only users in my organization' feature, it seems pretty obvious. 


It would also be useful to add a way to prepopulate fields via querystring, so if I send a marketing email with the bookings link I can prepopulate form fields such as name, email, etc in the email template by appending them to the booking URL querystring. 

I would also like to upvote this feature request
UserVoice upvote feature is no longer available. I would also like to upvote this feature request!
O man, is this obvious feature still a request ? hence not implemented. What a shame!
If we where behind the code it would be done tomorrow.

Update that Bookings now has an option to set it to MyOrg only. 
It will then input the user's names and email automatic (like Forms). 

Now go for:
- an input field for email address having a basic check on obvious typo's
- the option to prefill fields based on a querystring in URL