URL / Link button in Outlook New email?

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I use booking to work with vendors, instead of going back and forth over email trying to find a time that works for both of us, I send them a link to add something to my calendar. Each time I am composing a new email I have to log into bookings to get the URL to copy into my email. Something like this.


You can use this link to put something on my calendar.


It’s a real pain to have to open the booking's app each time to get the URL and put in my email. Does anyone know a way to have a button in a new outlook email that will put the link in? There are a few paid 3ed party apps that do a similar. is one, and they have an outlook integration that makes it easy to add the link to any email.


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You could add that link to your email signature :)

Oh, that would be too easy, I really don't want the link on all my emails. But I want an easy way to get to it and quickly add it to an email. 

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You can have two different signatures, one with the link and one without it, and you can make either one the default.
If you are using OWA, you can simply use the My Templates add-in. Check this link for more details on how to use it: