URGENT: several meeting connection links for the same BOOKINGS event

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We have noticed several problems, including a particularly serious one on BOOKINGS, calling into question its use in our organization: We use a booking calendar to manage our training schedules because there are several trainers sharing several sessions.

All trainers are administrators on the BOOKINGS calendar.

We notice that when we assign several employees/trainers to an event then the tool will generate several links and therefore several TEAMS meetings which will be sent to the trainers and participants.

This leads to the trainers receiving a different TEAMS invitation from the clients/trainees and therefore us not being able to find ourselves on the same TEAMS session.

For example today we had an event with two employees/trainers providing training and 16 participants. The two trainers received a TEAMS link with 5 clients and the other 11 clients received another one.....we had to meet up on the session with the 11 clients after one of them sent us the link via a private TEAMS conversation.

This does not happen when there is only one employee assigned to the event.

This is extremely annoying and we don't really know why this is happening and how to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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@PH_MAQUE Was it working fine and you started seeing this behavior? Can you please DM me your self-schedule page link?