Unexplained/uneditiable appointments

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I have had a series of unexplained appointments appear on my staff's calendars. I thought they might be entries that they made on their Outlook calendars, carrying over into Bookings but when I uncheck the "Events on Outlook Calendar Effect Availability" option, nothing changes.  


The appointments look different from other appointments or scheduled times off, in that they have patterns along the left border, instead of solid colors.  When I click on them, I do not get any additional information and I cannot edit or delete them.  


They were not created by any other administrators.  


I would greatly appreciate any help with this as these appointments are making our staff seem booked on our booking page when they should be available.  


Thank you!

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@ProfSteve Can you please share additional details about the events you see in your staff's calendars? Are these created from Bookings calendars? Who is the organizer of those events? 

Do you see them only on the staff calendars or in Bookings calendar as well (not as free/busy but as an actual event)?


Can you share couple of screenshots of these events?