Unable to sign into Bookings App

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I am trying to sign in and I accept the sign in on Authenticator but then continually get the message below


I can sign in on desktop but I need to be able to use the App on the go (especially as Bookings doesn't put contact details in multi party bookings so I need to log in to get them)



Request Id: b26d86b6-5c08-4bb9-8848-ccac54170a00
Correlation Id: 44731e53-0d13-4e1e-91e0-bc2fae17f1d4
Timestamp: 2024-01-25T03:06:14Z
Message: AADSTS65002: Consent between first party application '8968ed84-a238-4dd6-9032-25813848667f' and first party resource 'e4dd98a8-1ce3-42f5-a03c-3b077dac9264' must be configured via preauthorization - applications owned and operated by Microsoft must get approval from the API owner before requesting tokens for that API.



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@JenHeth I’m having the same issue. Any resolution?

Same here