Unable to Search for some Shared Bookings calendars

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Unable to Search for some Shared Bookings calendars.  These are Bookings calendars which I am an administrator of already.  Without a link to the bookings pages, supporting these is a nightmare.  Does anyone have any ideas on this issue?  We have started to use PowerShell to connect to exchange then view all available shared bookings pages:


get-mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails scheduling 


Then add permissions with this:


Add-MailboxPermission -Identity <BookingsMailbox> -User <BookingsSiteAdminUser> -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All 


Then once we can get this to show in the listing below Shared Bookings Pages, we can self add administrator permissions for the bookings page iteself.  THen have to remove the calendar permissions following.  This is a a very round about way to get permission and overall makes managing these a


For reference once on the bookings page > shared bookings pages section > Search

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