Unable to login in Bookings

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Since last week Bookings has been added to the E3 subscription. But now we have certain users who can login; see the attachment MS Bookings correct. Other users with the same subscription have to contact the administrator to "get access" to Bookings. See the attachment MS Bookings incorrect.

How is this possible? Any suggestions how to fix this?

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@Thijs Versteeg Thanks for reaching out to us. There might a possibility that the user does not have access to Bookings application. Please check with your tenant admin. Tenant admin can check user information in the tenant and verify, if the user has access to Bookings. Thanks for your interest and support to Bookings!"


I get this error msg when I login to Microsoft booking:

UTC Date: 2024-01-09T08:58:44.654Z
Client Id: B8C6359711A24A81AAE79818820B5015
Session Id: 93be716a-cdca-4760-a6fd-1f1023a4e652
Client Version: 20231215008.09
BootResult: configuration
Back Filled Errors: None
err: Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaUserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedException
esrc: StartupData
et: ServerError
estack: Error: 500
at Object.b [as createStatusErrorMessage] (https://res.cdn.office.net/owamail/hashed-v1/scripts/owa.bookingsindexv2.93e21168.js:2:628994)
at https://res.cdn.office.net/owamail/hashed-v1/scripts/owa.bookingsindexv2.93e21168.js:2:62798
st: 500
ehk: X-OWA-Error
efe: DB8PR06CA0042, AS4P189CA0018
ebe: DU5PR03MB10564
emsg: UserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedError