Unable to book appointments after several days

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My office is trying to switch to bookings for making advising appointments while we are all moved to work from home. I set everything up and it seemed great, except for the problem that after about 6 days the calendar greys out and says no appointments available. I can't figure out why. I've checked and rechecked my settings a 100 times and there is no reason a student couldn't make an appointment after that date. Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are on our own and I'm not much of an IT person. 

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@Asiawynn I am having issues with this as well. Everything worked fine for the first day, but after about 200 successful bookings, all staff are showing unavailable for future dates even though they are not booked. This is very discouraging in these trying times. Similar to you, I have checked and re0-checked all settings and everything worked exactly as it should for the first couple of days.