TSV Export Unusable state in Bookings

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★If there is a more appropriate forum for this (particularly a Japanese Bookings support discussion?) please redirect me. 
★I can provide the original TSV file only to Microsoft employees due to it containing customer information. All screenshots in this thread will be censored to protect client info.

We use bookings to keep track of seminars we teach. It has mostly been successful, but reporting all has to be done very manually. The TSV files provided for our Japanese language using environment are very clearly corrupted and not behaving as intended. Please reference the attached screenshot. 

I will go over each column with my feedback on what seems to be happening (this is consistent and has been for 10 months, but has been low priority for us and I have not had a chance to report it yet)

Column A: As far as I can tell, the Date Time column is the only one working as intended. 

Column B: It seems that the system used for generating the TSV is unable to process Japanese script. Completely unrelated (Chinese?) text or random symbols are included in place of the names. I have left part of one name entered in English uncensored to show that it is likely a language problem. "Minami" was accurate. 

Additionally, email addresses are shifted over for some bookings, but not all. Very inconsistent bug.

Column C: Because of some emails being included in Column B, only about half of the emails are available in this column. Additionally, any row with email shifted over sees phone number shifted over as well. 

Column D: Same as C. Column E appears to have not shifted over, only because we have 0 data for customer addresses. 

Column E: Unintelligible, not Japanese characters. Shifted over from "Staff". 

Column F: Unintelligible, not Japanese characters. Anything from here to the right is 100% unusable. Between the corrupted text and shifted columns, finding a single data point would take up too much time. 

If there are some user settings or work arounds that can fix this, I would be very grateful to hear. 

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Thanks for the feedback @Joshua_R_Jones. Is this consistent across multiple booking pages? If you create a new blank booking page, make one booking and do an export, are you seeing the same data?

If you want more control over the data that is exported, you can try out the Bookings Graph API. This will let you export the data that you want programmatically:

Hey, @davisjr thanks for getting back to me. 

I will be trying in a new Bookings to see if I can replicate. In particular, I think this is a problem with the Japanese language characters, so I will create test data with that in mind and perform and export. Will post results here for troubleshooting purposes. 

In the meantime, I will look into the API for Graph. I'm not familiar with Graph yet (name only) but if it works as a solution for our reporting that'd be great. 

Appreciate your willingness to help, will get back with tests later this week.


I appreciate your patience, sorry for not being able to get back as soon as I originally intended. 

I created a new test page environment to confirm, the Japanese text is almost definitely the problem in the TSV files. All data is dummy data, so no need to censor.


Attached for larger viewing size. Here the first name I went with was 東 太郎, but as you can see the output was 譚ア縲€螟ェ驛 (complete gibberish). This is true for all Japanese fields, none display correctly.

What's more, any row with the Japanese customer name you can see the columns are shifting over and squishing again.  I had a mix of inputs on row 2,  but interestingly the column shift only happens if the customer name is Japanese (at least here). 

If you'd like to test yourself, I have some filler data for you here 

Name: 東 太郎 
email: english, not needed
phone: not needed
address: 石川県かほく市モ356ー7
Staff: (I don't know what's supposed to go here, it's always corrupted to 繧ク繧ク in all our pages)
Staff Name: ジョーンズジョシュアロデリック (My name)
Service: テストサービス

If a video call or the actual TSV would be useful for troubleshooting please let me know. 

Hi, this was a while ago but I haven't seen any improvement.

Is Bookings not capable of supporting Japanese for all features?

Appreciate any help.
Following up on this, it is still the same.