Times Showing Available on Bookings when they not

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Experiencing an issue with Microsoft Bookings where it shows unavailable times on the bookings page, even though the time slots are already scheduled. Once a potential customer selects a time slot it states that someone has already taken that time slot and the day in question updates to show no time slots available. This happens for every day that shows available times on the Bookings when time slots are unavailable. Has anyone else run into this and is able to point us in the right direction? Please see the attached word doc for screen shots. 

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We are experiencing the same issue here in our educational organisation. When parents try to book a meeting with a teacher, they are shown that all slots are available. This was not the case some time ago. I do not know how to fix this. It is the first time that it happened to us. Your message here was sent 5 years ago. I guess nothing has been done from the part of Microsoft to rectify this since then!