time slots unavailable despite available staff and positions

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We're an educational institution where student can sign in for their projects themselves. We've set up a service for each room they can use, and adjusted availability as needed. Then we assigned staff to the different services with their own availability. This availability for both the rooms and the staff repeats on a weekly basis. We turned off the Outlook calender function, because sometimes our calender show team wide events that are optional.

Now it seems that on the bookings page, that some time slots don't show up even though it should be available. It's also not a specifically recurring dissappearance, so for instance a time slot of 1 pm disappeared on the coming monday, but that same slot is available the next week.

Does anyone else have that problem? And is there anyone that know how to solve it?

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@DannyPhantom, do you see the slot as free when you go to the Bookings webapp and look at the calendar? Could you also check the lead time and buffer time settings for the service and see if that could be causing the slot to be marked unavailable?