There was a problem setting up the booking calendar. Please try again later

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I have seen similar issues across the web, but have not been able to find any solutions. 


I have tried different browsers, incognito/private and "regular."


The account I'm using is the Global Admin and has a M365 Business Standard License attached to it. 

I've turned Bookings "on and off" in the admin center ( Settings > Org Settings and select Bookings).

I've tried enabling and disabling by using PowerShell

(Set-OrganizationConfig -BookingsEnabled $true)


Made sure each user had the Bookings App License enabled in the Admin Center.


I've even added an extra license to the tenant so I can license the calendar when it populates.

Regardless of what changes I make, I receive the same popup when trying to create the calendar. 

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@Mr_LJ This is happening to me as well. I am not sure when it stopped working. 

@Jammal0 I created my bookings calender three days ago. Back then it works - first saw this problem today

Microsoft has been helping me with this... We tried a temporary workaround and it kind of worked.

We attempted to make a calendar. (Got the same error.) Went back into the Active Users page in the admin center and changed the credentials of the user that the calendar populated. Then, we we signed in using those credentials (used an incognito browser). I was then able to select the calendar that we created, go in and add other users/employees that way.

This isn't perfect... but I suppose it's doable.


Same over here. The problem occurs only in the Microsoft Edge Browser when launching the site (chrome is fine). After klicking on the desired calender and open/choosing a calendar the bug error message disapears. 



Not the finest solution, but a nice workarround for a very cool product. 
BTW: Support was great - 5 Stars :)