Text modification needed for french version

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We are encountering translation issues in French when the MS Bookings page is set up in French. There are two points causing problems for our customers:

1. On the confirmation page, after the client has made a reschedule reservation, we observe that an English message appears:


When the appointment is set up in French, the displayed message is as follows:


When the appointment is configured in French, the message displayed should not contain two dots (".."). Instead, we would like to see a period at the end of both sentences to maintain proper French punctuation

2. Additionally, when the client cancels the reservation, the email they receive displays this message in English:


In French, the displayed message is as follows:

In the French version, the translation is not accurate and leads to some confusion regarding its written form. It would be better if it were written as follows:
"Ceci est pour vous informer que votre service a été annulé."

Could it be possible to make those changes for the french translation please?
Thank you!

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