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We are successfully using Microsoft Bookings and hosting Microsoft Teams events via the platform. Is it possible to run Teams Live events via Bookings? Only way I can think of doing it is to turn 'Add online meeting' to off and manually emailing the Teams Live link to attendees. Ideally would not have this manual task though and would be much easier if was able to schedule this as part of the Booking

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@JBMac Hi This might work for you. As you mentioned, turn off the online meeting for that 'service'. Setup the live event in Teams and copy the details for the live event and paste them into the confirmation email and any reminder emails that you send out. That should work for you.

@thayes2021 Thank you


Not a great user experience though as confirmation and reminder emails do not send in html format so links do not work which means users need to copy and paste url


Would be much better if Teams and Teams Live were both options in the Location section

@JBMac I may be missing something, but you are able to imbed the links nicely in the conformation email ( I just re-tested it) - Just copied the link the for a test live event and it displayed as I would have expected in the confirmation email and the link launches as expected when clicked.  You format the confirmation email extensively. See attached screenshot of the the main section in the conformation email. 

@thayes2021 good spot! Microsoft must have done that recently as the confirmation and reminder emails used to just be plain text. Much better this was as can work around it as prescribed


Thanks for your help

@JBMac Brill. Best of luck