Syncing Multiple Microsoft 365 accounts in Bookings

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I have seen other posts about Bookings' inability to sync your availability with other shared and personal calendars, but my question is about syncing multiple paid Microsoft 365 accounts.

I have my own consulting company and pay for Microsoft 365 Business. I was able to set up Bookings under this account, no problem. I am also a part time consultant of another organization, which pays for me to have a completely separate Microsoft account with them. Since both accounts are paid Microsoft accounts, it seems like I should be able to connect both accounts to Bookings and it should be able to sync my calendars from both organizations to reflect my availability. I am currently paying for Calendly and it syncs all my calendars beautifully. But I would like to move everything to Bookings, if possible.

Does this feature exist?

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Bookings supports sync with primary calendar only today, the sync support for secondary calendars are not there yet.

@KatieHarris I am facing this exact same issue.
Two microsoft account, one for my consulting business and one provided by a client I am advising. Bookings works beautifully for one account, but not for two.

Is there a workaround where my appointments in one calendar could automatically forwarded to my second calendar ?  Maybe with rules in outlook ?