Syncing meeting rooms in Outlook calendar with Microsoft Booking meeting location - issues

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We are just about to start using Microsoft Bookings and we have it synced to our Outlook Calendar but I have some questions regarding setting up the meeting location and getting it to sync to our meeting rooms we have set up in Outlook Calendar.


Through the Outlook Calendar we have for example 1 boardroom and few meeting rooms as shown below “Room Finder”. In Microsoft Bookings, there are some options that come up that I can choose from, I’ve tried both suggested locations shown as “Boardroom” and “Boardroom” which works but my issue is that it doesn’t take in consideration if these rooms have been booked by someone else on the date & time a client is requesting a review.


So for example if another staff has booked the boardroom at 9am on 14th September and then a client book in a meeting with me at 9am on 14the September through Microsoft Bookings (and we have the boardroom as meeting location) booking still goes through even though that room is unavailable.


Any idea how to fix this issue?




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it's been a long time...did you manage to resolve the above?



I did not so if you are able to provide some information regarding how I can make this work, I would really appreciate it.