Syncing issue on bookings webpage and teams app

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Hi there

Can anyone help with this issue?

We created a calendar on bookings, the customer information could not be seen on the bookings webpage, but it work correctly on teams app.

Kindly check the differences between teams app and webpage.

There should

booking from teams app.jpg


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@Bblythe01 This has been restored. Can you please check this again ? Thanks. 

@Debasish_Thakur  Hi Debasish. Thanks for helping. We are still facing the issue on MS booking webpage. Some of the bookings will disappear when we first open the link, we could not see them unless we move the calendar to the day before and then move it back. But there is no such issue on teams bookings. Would you please check further?

@Bblythe01 I understand that the previous issue of customer information is now resolved for you. 

For the other issue, does the appointment not appear even after waiting for some time after opening the bookings calendar page ? Can you please try that ?

@Debasish_Thakur  Thanks for following up.

The same issue still there, no detail information on the web version. What's more, we find that we can not see all the bookings unless we change the date on calendar.  We have tried to leave it alone for a few mins to see if it can be updated, but it did not.