Start page numbers stay at 0, no names in tsv file

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summary, two issues

- no customer name, mail and phonenumber in otherwise correct tsv file

- booking, customer numbers on startpage do not add up.


Dear all


We just started bookings with several group options to be booked. Now every option, 18 in total,  is booked by about 4-5 five customers. The three staff members getting the calendar bookings as expected.

The only thing thats bothers me is, that the numbers on the start page (bookings ...) do not change at all. No customer count and so on. They all stay at 0. And even worth, the tsv export does not show customer name, mail and phone number whereas the booking is recorded correctly.


I tried with several dummy bookings. They all went fine (confirmation mail and so on) but non influenced the numbers or the tsv file.


Any ideas what I might have messed up?


Thank you.


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Suddenly there is one out of 72 bookings in the tsv file with username, mail and number. I just can't figure out why. The same customer also booked more events. But they don't show up.