Staff shows unavailable but is bookable

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Hello! Can someone please help me? I just used bookings today.


I have just created a sample booking page, added 2 staffs, created 2 services (service 1: 90-minute session and service 2: 30-minute meeting). Staff 1 is available from 8-5pm (usual business hours) while staff 2 is available only at 10am-12nn every monday and tuesday and 1pm-5pm from wednesday to friday. Staff 1 is assigned to service 1 only, staff 2 is assigned to service 1 and 2.

Currently, there are still no bookings for both staffs.


I tried to book service 2 with staff 2 but it is not showing any available time. There should have been since the staff is bookable.

Attached are the screenshots I have taken.


these are the available timeslots of staff 2



this is what is shown in the booking page..all dates are unavailable


staff shows as bookable in the manage booking page



Thanks in advance for your help!






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@Janel_Alpuerto availability can be configured at multiple levels, can you please check if it is configured correctly across all the places?

1. At Bookings staff level which you have configured above

2. At Bookings calendar level under "Default scheduling policy"

3. At Bookings service level, 



Its likely that one of them is too restrictive resulting in no availability for the staffs. Also, check the minimum lead time configuration which restricts how early you can book an appointment.


ok I will check on those and will update back. thank you! :)





Were you able to fix the issue? 


I am also having the same problem. 

@linacaro5 hello! Actually, I already forgot if I was able to make it work or not. I will have to do it again from the start to check as I have already forgot about this since I have stopped working with MS bookings last year. But if it is still your problem now, then they haven't really fixed anything yet. :(