Staff Member Added as Viewer changes to Guest level

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We have Booking setup and have added Staff to the availability.

Most staff are setup as Viewers, with a couple Administrators, and a couple Schedulers.

One user, when I add them, I set them up as Viewer, but when I go back and look they're set to "Guest"

This user is setup as an Office 365 user, the same as all other users.

What could cause this?

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Having the same problem. Any ideas?


Haven't found anything, though I'm at the point where I'm going to delete and recreate the user.

I'll let you know if that works.

Same issue here. In our case it's a Resource (Room) mailbox that we're trying to add as staff member with Viewer rights, after adding the account it's immediately downgraded to Guest permissions.

Removing and re-adding this account from Bookings did not work for us. I'm now trying different approaches to license the account and might try to remove and recreate the account entirely (from Exchange) since it seems like Bookings might be caching associated data/profile somehow?

The main issue is that this seems to disable Calendar integration which is critical for our use-case.

Hi guys, have you managed to find a solution? I am struggling with exactly the same issue, a resource (room) is downgraded straight away to "guest". Any advice appreciated!

I've been in touch with MS support on this issue, they were able to explain the default behavior of Bookings when it comes to Resource accounts that are added as Staff members:

• Bookings recognize external accounts, shared mailboxes, and resource rooms as guest users by default.
• The guest user does not have access to the calendar availability of the organization.
• This explains why "Events on Office calendar affect availability" is greyed out.

It was also suggested as a workaround to create a new user and issue the user a license. This user can then be added as a staff member and "Events on Office calendar affect availability" can be enabled.

A feedback item as already been submitted for the required enhancements:
Thank you so much for the explanation, I just upvoted the feature request. It is a bit silly that MS Bookings allows to add a resource but at the same time the resource cannot see its own availability from MS Bookings... I tried to assign the license (A5 Edu which supports MS Bookings) but without success, I guess it needs to be a brand new standard user inbox as you suggest. Many thanks in any case, very helpful!!!

@Karel690 But we have a case as in the first part of this message where a regular user was downgraded to guest and we can not see A way to promote them as Viewer.


I have the same problem that I have some users which are tagged as guest when adding them without the possibility to promote the to viewer.
Has anybody found a solution for that?
I too have this issue of some users being switched to Guest after adding them.
I have found a solution for the problem.
When typing the user name in the Staff field select "Search Directory" instead of picking the user. After that pick the result from the will be able to switch the role of this user

@MyUsernameNotAvailable   When I tried your suggesting I was able to change the role, however when you save the changes it auto changes it back to guest.

@RickWUpon so many research i were able to find that the user who is having this issue had a shared mail box when i converted into normal mail box , the issue was resolved.


THis is the correct resolution!. THanks @Abna_Ajmal