Staff Intermittently Unavailable: "Loading"

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We've had a Bookings calendar with one staff member and a single 1-hour service working correctly since 2022.


Starting last week, about half of the time when someone views the calendar to make an appointment the staff member has no availability and the status besides their name says 'Loading.' Sometimes when the page is refreshed her availability goes back to normal, sometimes it doesn't.


We haven't made an changes to the calendar, it just suddenly started happening.


Around the same time, when the staff member logged into Bookings, she got the 'Welcome' splash screen like she'd never been there before. She also received two emails welcoming her to the calendar.


She is on two of our other Bookings calendars. We are having no issues with her availability on them. This issue isn't happening with other staff members on our other Bookings calendars.


Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts about how to fix the issue?


Loading = UnavailableLoading = UnavailableWorking fine after refreshing the page... sometimesWorking fine after refreshing the page... sometimes

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