Staff Can't See Appointment Information

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I was able to set my services so that multiple users can book time with the same staff member. Meaning: staff members can have up to 3 appointments happening concurrently. However, since I made the change, staff members now only see that they have multiple appointments; they no longer can view the appointment details.


For example, previously, they would see that someone had scheduled an appointment for, say, 3:00. They could then click on the booking and see the client's name, etc. Now all they see is that the time slot is for multiple bookings. They can no longer locate the client's information. This is not helpful at all. What has happened?


As administrator, I can see the client's full information. Why is my staff unable to?? I have attached a screen shot of my administrator panel, where I can see the client names, and the staff members calendar in Teams, which only shows that multiple slots have been booked. They don't get any more information by using Outlook. This is so weird, and I need help to resolve it!

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