Staff are assigned admin in bookings. One can no longer access bookings. What changed?

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I am the owner of Business Premium subscription and I set up Bookings for my group practice. I have a subscription for 4 therapists for Business Essentials. I gave all of them "Admin" privileges on our company's Bookings Calendar so they can access, change, and schedule on the common Bookings calendar and prevent double-booking. This has been working flawlessly for everyone for the past 2 years. Now, one therapist can no longer access the company's Booking Calendar even though the other 3 can. Does anybody have any possible solutions?

I was told I need to upgrade all of them to Business Premium, however, they did not need that before and the therapists do not need all the functionality of a Business Premium subscription for their work. They just need to access the company's Bookings calendar to see appointment availabilities and schedule their patients. They are functioning as staff with admin privileges. Shouldn't they be able to utilize the master bookings calendar?

As I grow the practice, it seems a large expense to purchase a Bussiness Premium subscription for every therapist just so they can use the bookings calendar. They already have their own basic office subscription as well as the Essentials subscription.

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Having the same issue and seems no one has a answer.