Something Went Wrong while trying to edit bookwithme

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I am facing the issue while trying to open and edit an item in Booking with me application. I can create a new item or making and edit a duplicate (copy) is also possible but it is not possible to open and edit already created and saved item. This issue is not always observed. Sometimes it is even possible to edit the created item. But after some changes were made, the item was tweaked several times (changed to public from private, date-window set etc.) something caused the item falled to state when the "something went wrong" message appears if I try to edit it...

Interestingly I was not able to open the demo version "Office Hours" that is in Booking with me as a default template...

I have tryied to open in different browser, refresh window etc. but with no success..



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We're seeing the same thing with our instructors trying to edit their Office Hours meeting types. I if I have the instructor create a new meeting type, there is no error. If the instructor then tries to edit that new meeting type, the "Something went wrong" error appears. In most cases the instructor can then click the "Refresh Window" button and the settings will load, but not in all cases.