SMS notification to customers in Microsoft Bookings?

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Is there any plan for SMS notification in Microsoft Bookings?

If no, will there be a way to integrate 3rd party service for SMS?



Michael Aarvik




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Yes please, this is important. Tk be able to link with our bulk sms provider Telstra in Australia. Its essential if you want to compete with the other booking providers.

I agree 100% this is needed now.  Interesting we don't see any comments or feedback from Microsoft Representatives.


I am about to look for another product that does have SMS integration.  Microsoft is as normal not very responsive.

Hi team,


Yes, this is important, we have a lot of customers with this requirement. Waiting feedback from Microsoft Representatives.



Antonio Román

5Skill Solutions

Very needed for our service! We serve approximately 2000 clients a year

@Michael AarvikHave you been able to find something to do this job? This is a much needed feature which is currently only available in North America. We need it in Australia.

@Michael Aarvik thanks for asking this -  I have the same question.
Would also love this for our org.


we use bookings to schedule internal trainings (approx. 2000 staff members) and for external purposes as well. 


Hope we hear something soon.

@Michael Aarvik 

As of my knowledge cutoff date (September 2021), Microsoft Bookings did not have a built-in SMS notification feature. However, you can explore integrating a third-party service that offers SMS notifications with Bookings.

Microsoft Bookings has an API that you can use to develop custom solutions, and there are third-party services like Twilio, Plivo, and Nexmo that provide APIs for sending SMS messages. You can also use Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) to set up automated workflows that send SMS messages based on triggers in Bookings.

I would suggest checking Microsoft's documentation for Bookings API and Power Automate to explore the available options for integrating third-party SMS services with Bookings. It is also recommended to regularly check for updates on the Microsoft Bookings roadmap to see if SMS notification is planned for future releases.
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