SMS doesn't work if "Max Attendees" is set to greater than one

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We've been smacking our heads against the way trying to figure out why SMS reminders/notifications were intermittently working.  Finally determined that if a service is configured for more then one attendee then SMS texts don't even send.



Two out of three test services we setup are single attendee and work as expected.  The "group" service does not.  As we're attempting to manage the bookings via Teams, we don't even have the option of adding additional customers to the meeting.


Is this intentional or an oversight?  Is there something I can do via Admin backend that would help?


Also, we've noticed that if the appointment is scheduled in Bookings, the customer information is blank when looking at the appointment in Teams.  So we can't see it in the queue list, nor can we send reminders using the options in teams.  If we enter the customer information it creates a whole new appointment ... which isn't great.





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