single booking but multiple staff to choose from

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I offer a service which can be delivered by multiple staff members but can only run one appointment per time slot.  Can i set up my bookings so when a slot is booked it is assigned to one staff member but then that time slot is gone?  It seems that it will currently allow one booking per staff member per time slot.  I hope that makes sense.



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I have the same question.  I'd like to schedule a single interview at a time with 1 or more of our supervisors. 

I have the same issue, I want the customer to be able to book a meeting with one or more staff members from a list of ten staff members. When the customer pics the desired staff members then they will be able to see when all selected staff members have the same date/time slot available. Then when booked all selected staff members and customer will get the email/meeting invite. I am not sure why this is so hard to do.