Show customer information in Outlook Calendar event

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We were hoping to use Bookings to allow staff to book our meeting room. We've created a separate Outlook mailbox and calendar for the room and created a Bookings form where the room is assigned as Staff within a service. It all works fine, except that customer information isn't coming included in the calender event within Outlook.


I started exploring this, and came across this thread and this thread which seemed to suggest possible solutions, but neither worked.


While testing a little further, I noticed something interesting. If I have the web version of the Outlook calendar open and put a booking in, the calendar event is created and I can see the name of the customer in the subject title. After a second or two, it changes and updates to just the name of the Bookings Page. I've created a short video of this to show it happening.


Any thoughts as to why this is happening? I'm at a loss, and without the customer information in the calendar the whole system is useless for our purposes.

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