Show attendees in calendar entries from Bookings

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When someone booked a meeting with me via MS Bookings, the calendar entry in my Outlook calendar does not show the user/mailaddress in the attendee list, as it would do when we invite each other via direct email. 
Therefore, it's hard for me to have an overview of who's part of the meeting.


The calendar entry should at least have the user's mail address in the attendee list as a required attendee. On top of that, it would be good if I can also see the customer name in the subject of the calendar entry. 


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@Axel_Gibmeier - thank you for posting!  We really need to see the same thing for this to remain a viable option for us for scheduling with a large number of calendars and clients.

@Axel_Gibmeier - Have you had any luck promoting this as a feature request? I can't seem to see any activity on this other than over 211 views! Cmon Tech Community, get behind this - it's a pretty basic feature request to enable you to see who has booked an appointment with you in your calendar. Today you cannot find this information without logging into the bookings app!

I think I am going back to Calendly, it does all of this and is so much easier to use.


I really need the email I receive when a meeting is booked to include the Company Name (which is one of my required fields) and the Contact name who booked it (another required field). Instead I get an email that doesn't tell me who I'm going to meet with. Also, it would help if I could change the location and have it update the meeting and notify the person I'm meeting with. I often change meetings from virtual Teams to in person meetings at my address or theirs. Thanks for your help!!!