Share a Bookings calendar with members of organization without adding as staff

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--We have created a Bookings calendar for employees to reserve an office/workstation space or a conference room. It is a very basic hoteling or hotdesking function.

--The services are either conference room, Office Space, Workstation.

--Staff are the individual space, not people, e.g. office 1, office 2, workstation 1, workstation 2, conference room 1 ....

--We have set up a booking page and embedded it on our site as an iFrame and it works ok, could be better but functional.

--What we need is to allow our employees to see the booking calendar so they can tell at a glance what space is available and who has it reserved. We need to be able to do this without adding them as staff because that just causes a mess with the calendar wanting to display each of them in a column.


--Is there a way to let members of our domain/organization see this calendar, either in the bookings app or in Teams or in Outlook as a shared calendar, without adding them as staff? or if added as staff, make them not appear in the Calendar?




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