Setting are not applied in Bookings frontend

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I wanted to create a calendar for client appointments. Since we only do this once a year for a short period of time, I first cloned our old calendar. But no matter what I set, on which days appointments could be booked and at which times, there was no possibility to book appointments. So I started all over again and created a completely new booking page. There in the assistant I already entered the times and the length of the appointment. The page was created and none of the settings were applied. So I changed the settings again manually, set a date and time period, and set the appointment length. I checked and checked the page and... nothing. None of the settings were applied, the standard times are still bookable for all days until next year.
Everything is displayed correctly in the settings. Even that an appointment should be 2 hours instead of 30 minutes.
However, I noticed that "No employee" is in the employee list, next to the employees we have for this. Maybe this is causing problems, but I can't find a way to remove this already deleted employee from Bookings.

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@Pimax, can you please confirm that you have set "General availability" to be "Not bookable" in addition to having overrides for the specific dates? Unless this is done, the appointment will be bookable on all dates.


Also note that you can set availability at two levels. If you had been configuring this at Booking page -> Default scheduling policy, try overriding the settings at the service level under "Availability".

Thanks for the reply. It is setup correctly, it´s set to "bookable when staff is free".
Also I added the date and time.

Here are some Screenshots of my first try, with a duplicate from last year:

i have selected the dates.i have selected the dates.




I selected the Dates in the settings. But on the bookingpage nothing appears.

So  then i created a complete new booking page:




Now you can book dates, but it again totally ignores my settings for available dates.

It's not urgent as I have a wordpress site set up with a booking calendar, but it would be nice if the booking page worked, simply because it's easier to manage and the appointments are automatically added to the staff member's calendar.