Set Order of Services in Bookings

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How can we set the order of the services on the "select service" page?

The items appears to be randomly assigned into the 2 columns.

Ideally we would like to set the sort order manually, if not then alpha sort would help our customers find a service in the list.

Is there a way to set the sort order? 



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@Kathy Durfee 

You can do that by going to the Booking dashboard> Service> Now you can click and drag services in order you want the the booking page. 


Hope that helps. 

Sorry, but there is no dragging option as you described. The only "clickable" options are edit, copy, and delete. (The fields do not move.)

@Wade_Hyde If you disable the new Bookings layout you can move the services as described above.

@KarenAS1100 thanks for that clarification!  I came looking for the same solution, and it worked like a charm!  The "new version" of bookings should add this reordering functionality.

Thank you, @KarenAS1100. That worked like a charm!


(I'm a bit curious why the "new" version would not allow this option.)

@Kathy Durfee   I already knew that the old version allowed rearranging. I'm adding to this thread to encourage Microsoft to add this option to the new Bookings. Also, to beg for the ability to batch delete customers!!

It looks like you can no longer click and drag on this screen. Can anyone confirm that it's still working? Or is there another way to move services around now? Thank you!