Service with duration of 1 day has no availability, 9 hour duration has availability

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Bookings Calendars are not showing availability for Services with a duration of 1 day.


We're setting up a calendar with services that are only available for full days. The Booking Calendar's General Availability is set to 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Services are not assigned to staff, and bookers cannot select staff.

When I set the duration of a Service to 1 day, on the Bookings page that service has no available days, but when I set the duration of the same service to 9 hours, the Bookings page shows correct availability, with the difference being staff have to click the Day and the 8am time to place the reservation.

This is affecting multiple Bookings calendars. This appears to have begun in the past 24 hours. Working in another calendar yesterday we used 1 day-duration Services without issue, but in that same Calendar, those same services do not show any availability today. A coworker created a new calendar late yesterday and first observed the problem, and I created a new Bookings Calendar this morning and confirmed the same issue is there.

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I've the same problem. No more information with Booking'help. Do you find a solution @music2myear ?
I know this is an old post and you might have found a solution already, but I had this same problem with 2 of my booking's pages. We fixed it by changing the availability to "Bookable when staff are free" and that seemed to help.