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Hi, we are using Booking to book workshops. However, we experience that one of the services still show as available even when it is booked. Any ideas what I need to check to resolve this? 

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@Merethe Stave 


Have you checked to make sure that under each Staff member's details, the "Events on Office Calendar Affect Availability" and "Use Business Hours" options are selected and ON?




Hi @EliseH and thank you for replying. Yes, both were already are selected and "ON". I spoke with a support representative and he stated that it is like this per design. Not sure what to do; find another tool, or just keep using it, and hope we don't get too many double bookings...  We can use Forms and list avaiable dates/courses there, however, the nice thing about Booking is that the customers can immediately choose instructor and time in the calendar based on availability, and we save a lot of "back-and-forth-finding-available-time-in-calendar"-time. 

Hey @Merethe Stave How is your scheduling policy configured?

@Merethe Stave 


I think Teja may have Services, under each Service you've configured, there's a section for Scheduling Policy. 


Try checking if "Use the default scheduling policy" under Online Scheduling Options changes the Availability area below it (below Scheduling Policy). The General Availability drop down does allow some options for "Book when staff are free" and "Custom hours (recurring weekly)". See if playing with those settings helps you at all. 



@Merethe Stave 


I seem to be having the same issue.  Just set up Bookings this morning, Booked a couple of tests.  They both show on my Outlook Calendar and in the Bookings calendar.  But when I go back to Booking again, the times I just booked are still available.


I have fiddled with the suggestions above.

I am the only staff member


I also added a manual time to my outlook calendar at the same time (Double Booked), Did not update availability.


I added a manual time to my outlook calendar for the next day (no other double booked appt's) The Bookings apps picked up that I was not available almost instantly.


So in a nutshell, the settings for only when staff are available seem to be working, but bookings on the Bookings calendar, auto-accepted on in my Outlook calendar don't seem to make me appear unavailable.







@Merethe Stave 


@Teja Vinukollu 


After reading this post:


Think I solved at least my problem . . .


In the service set up maximum attendees was set to 2

It would not let me change back to 1 so i set up "15 Minute Meet New", which has the default of 1 attendee


When looking at the Booking page now

My original 15 minute meet still shows available

the New 15 minute meet does not.


I am going to recreate the services and hopefully this gets me up and running.