Service does not sync with agenda assigned employees

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I have set the general availability to "unavailable", but I have set the service to look at the availability in the calendar of the assigned employees for a certain period of time. However, I see the entire working day as available on the reservation page for the specified period. This does not match the agenda of the assigned employees.

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Thanks for reaching out. Can you please confirm if general availability is marked as "Not bookable" at the service level as well? Your service availability should look somewhat similar to this if you want to take bookings only during the specified duration.




Also note if any of the assigned staff is available during a given slot, it will show as available. Staff availability is calculated based on what you have configured under the staff in Bookings + availability from Outlook only if you have enabled "Events on office calendar affect availability".

Wanted to add: please make sure the timezone of the booking page is also configured correctly under Booking page -> Region and time zone settings. All availability that you configure in Bookings will be using this timezone.

@davisjr Thanks for your reply

The general availiability is marked as "Not bookable"




I have full access to the calenders of the 2 assigned employees and I'm 100% sure there not available on the times the bookings page is showing the availibility. On September 11th both employes are available from 13:30 to 17:00.



I checked and the timezone is correct
Thanks for the details. Can you please raise a support ticket with a network trace so that we can debug this further?

@davisjr The problem has now been resolved. Under 'Edit staff' I had not checked the box 'Events in the Office calendar affect availability'. I had only looked at the Service settings.