Send Automatic Email After Meetings Via Bookings

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I'd like to be able to automate a follow-up email for each service (meeting) booked through Bookings to enable customer service feedback and NPS rating.  Similar to the pre-event reminders that are automatically sent, I'd like to schedule one to be sent an hour after the meeting ends. 

Bookings currently only offers emails to be sent in advance of the meeting. I looked at Zapier and other webhooks to see if I could automate it another way and haven't found anything. 

Would love if this functionality could be added to Bookings and/or if anyone knows an immediate solution so we can stop manually sending templated emails. 

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I think you might be able to create this with Power Automate and the Forms feature? It's not ideal, but while MS decides if/when they will address your request, it might be a workaround. We are exploring something similar in our office now.

Would be great to know if you figure that out @VirginiaTX , I find Power Automate very confusing!

Thanks for the idea. I'm not very technical so if you figure it out I'd love to learn from you. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
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@JenAH- Initially I had thought Power Automate as well, after some testing yesterday I just realized today as I was about to respond that I didn't have the email address of the person booking the appointment; the person you want to follow-up with :dizzy_face:.

In any case, what we know so far is:

  • Bookings does not have a Power Automate connector
    • We do not have a way to GET data directly
  • Booking appointments go to an Outlook calendar
    • We can GET data but, we do not get the email address of the person booking

The technical stuff

I'm not going to take credit for this as I had to reach out to the Power Automate Community (:eyes:; essentially you can use Get Events (V4) to filter all the calendar events by 'organizer' name



What you GET from the event doesn't include the email of the person booking however...



I am not aware of a way to send emails programmatically to follow-up with a Booking.

Thanks so much for doing the work and determining it's not yet possible to do a follow-up with Booking. I'd love this functionality to be added to Bookings.
You can do this from each staff account or license the shared mailbox behind Bookings. Not having a connector in Power Automate makes this a much more significant undertaking than it should be but it is possible.
Please share how you can accomplish this on a schedule as the OP requests. Or are you saying follow-up manually via the Bookings Calendar interface?