Send a One time Personal Booking link that's a part of a shared booking calendar

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Is it possible to send a one time scheduling link to a client that is for an internal employees calendar in a shared Microsoft booking calendar?


Goal: Our users want the ability for clients to schedule a service appointment with them in the context of ONLY their calendar one time (or to reschedule) under the umbrella of a shared calendar & Services so that management can still view those meetings from a high level.


Currently:  We have 1 shared internal calendar in booking. The current process is that User A is booking a meeting for the client with User B while on the phone with the client. But they want to possibly cut out User A from the process while having a ONE TIME booking link to User B. 



  • The booking link should allow the user to book a time with only that employee

  • When client is rescheduling, the link should not allow the user to see other options outside the service that was booked with User B.


NOTE: The current default access of the calendar is to only allow internal org users. We are open to changing this if clients can't navigate back to this booking page out of a one time link.

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