Select staff (Optional) can't be turned off

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We offer different services, where we want to book our staff, but we do this manually. 

So we don't want our customers to choose who they talk to. This option is disabled in our service, but still shows in one of our services. 


If I turn it on in our other service, it shows. When I turn it off, it doesn't show again.

With another service, I repeat the same steps, but the option still shows when customers can place a booking in our calender. Is this a bug or can this be fixed elsewhere? 

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try deleting that service and adding it again. That might solve your problem.



Same problem here.  Deleting and re-doing does not help.  Signing out of Microsoft 365, restarting all computers, and trying again (and again) does not work. 


Problem involves fourth staff member that I am trying to add.  Others work properly. 



Did you ever resolve this? I'm just now learning to use Bookings and this is bothering me. I also do not want the option to select staff, and have tried checking and unchecking the box, saving at different stages, etc. but it still appears for one of my services (not all)!

Did you ever get this resolved? I am also having the same problem. I have tried deleting and re-adding the service. Seems to work fine for a day or two and then the "select staff" option appears for one service.
I have the same issue. It's turned off in all areas. I found that if I add too many times in the custom availability this flips on. When I remove down to 8 it doesn't show. Add a 9th. It shows up. All of my times go hay-wire too.

@Brockett Bingo! The addition of more appointment offerings is what triggers the glitch! 

I did find a work around. I left the total daily open times set in the service (8-4:30 IE). Then I set the service to be booked based on a fake users availability. I set all the specific times in that users availability and it worked without producing the 'select anystaff error'.


Any news on this bug? Still seems to be an issue, see here for more information.

I had the same issue. When I changed the setting in the booking page setup area, it would never actually update the booking page. This is totally unexplainable and a bug in the Bookings software that Microsoft still has not fixed.


Good news: I think I have a solution (worked for me today). You have to go to the "Services" area on the left menu and make a change there, instead of in the "Booking page" menu. Within "Services", you should see at least 1 service item, with a button for "Edit service". Within the "Edit service" pop up window, select the "Assign staff" tab and then you have a toggle to disable "allow customers to choose a particular staff for the booking".


Feedback for Microsoft:

  1. You have 2 buttons in different places that change the exact same setting. Turning one to off results in the other overriding it. This behavior is unintuitive and creates confusion for the user. Simplify to 1 button, or indicate the purpose of having 2 buttons.
  2. Your buttons are located very deep in the menus in unintuitive places. Either bring them higher up in the menu, or to a different place that makes more sense.
    1. Toggle 1 : Booking page --> Default scheduling policy --> Staff Control --> Toggle
    2. Toggle 2 (4 layers deep): Services page --> Service object --> Edit service button --> Assign staff tab --> Toggle


@michael480 thx for the suggestion. Unfortunately, your suggestion does not work for me if I have more than one service. Can you please try it on your end with two services? 

Thanks for reporting this. You should see the setting under Booking page -> Default scheduling policy -> Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking as well as while editing each service under Assign staff -> Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking. Can you please try disabling this in both places and see if that fixes it?

If the issue still reproduces, can you try switching between the New and Classic templates under Booking page -> Customize your page and see if that makes a difference?

I tried this and it worked. If I switch back to the "New" template it goes back to showing though.

This worked PERFECTLY!!!  Thanks, I wasted about 30 minutes trying to figure out why the darn page wouldn't update. @michael480