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(Don't mind the Japanese in my screenshot)
When clients are trying to book with us using Bookings, a complaint we often hear is that the difference between available days (for example, 23rd) and unavailable (ex: 24th) is hard to tell. 

Of course there is no customization options for this that I could find. Has anyone found a workaround, or is there a setting that would make this more accessible for our clients? We want the experience to be smooth for them.


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Hi @Joshua_R_Jones,


I am an independent advisor addressing this inquiry.


The Calendar's date highlighter distinguishing between available and unavailable dates are a known issue in the Bookings App.  I even hope that they bring Outlook's Bold Calendar Events to Bookings.


I encourage you to join the other users on the Bookings Feedback Portal and add or vote on "Highlight Dates Available".


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Wow, thanks for the speedy and up to date info. Glad to know its not just me, sad the tool still hasn't been made accessible especially for our visually impaired clients. Hope they add it sooner than later!