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Is there a way to save a filter so that it defaults to this view every time you go onto MS bookings. We only want a few people selected to have availability visible. For some reason my account always shows the filter applied - but no one else in my team seems to have this saved.. they have to untick people every time.



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@AaronMac92 the filter state should be saved and persist across logins. Can you please confirm if the people who are not able to have this persisted are indeed added as staff members?

Hey, @davisjr 


Thanks, so yes - me and my team as this point have the same level of access to the MS Bookings calendar. I can close the app, open from bookmark, open from shortcut and the previously filters stay applied. This does not happen for anyone else, and the filter is removed once the app tab is closed.



@AaronMac92 can you please create a support ticket with a recording of the repro and the network trace? That will help us debug this further. Note that if the additional users are not showing up under "Staff" and are instead added via PowerShell cmdlets or other means outside of the Bookings app, they may not be able to persist their filters.
Hey @davisjr,

Unfortunately 'I cannot sign in at this time' to create a ticket according to the sign in page, not sure what recording you are recommending either.

No one was added via powershell, every member was added via an invite and have same access as me (scheduler/administrator) and all show in the left hand staff list. The only difference, is that any filter they apply does not persist once MS bookings tab is closed.

Thanks again